Claptone x Lovebullets Golden Mask Necklace

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The iconic Claptone mask pendant, produced by London art collective Lovebullets in gold plated bullet brass metal. 


✨ Claptone x Lovebullets Collaboration Pendant

✨ Limited edition - only 100 pieces available

✨ gold plated bullet brass metal


Lovebullets was founded at ​Glastonbury​, with an ethos of transforming items of destruction into works of art, jewellery and fashion accessories to express an ideology of love overriding negative thoughts.

The concept originated from a fantasy story written by designer ​Martin Jegede​, telling the tale of mystical love angels with power to transform items of destruction into beautiful works of art.

This story was brought to life at ​Glastonbury in 2008 by Martin and Eve, who rode to the festival in a decommissioned army tank called the ​'Love Tank' ​transformed into a DJ booth to celebrate their anniversary and ​Lovebullets​.