Ancient Claptone? Strange things are happening

By Lilly Rumler

Ancient Claptone? Strange things are happening

Strange things are happening and the archaeological world is abuzz after workmen in Ireland unearthed an ancient sculpture or tomb they nicknamed ‘birdman’ because of its distinctive beak.

Watch the full video of the discovery HERE.

The video went viral in Ireland with journalists from the locality and beyond rushing to the scene of the dig to hear more about this incredible find. Not only did it catch the eye of local journalists but Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ, drove directly to the scene to interview the guys who uncovered the mysterious tomb for the biggest news programme in the country.

The workers claimed that they were ushered off the site as “The Department Of The Environment” was there to excavate the scene. The department apparently erected tents and lights and excavated overnight. After a bit of digging (pardon the pun), it was discovered that there was no such thing as “The Department Of The Environment” which raised serious suspicions among the public and the media.

Many people began to speculate that it was a government cover-up as the real department in change, “The Department Of Heritage, Culture and The Gaeltacht” released a statement saying they had not been contacted and would not be investigating the find. “While this video is certainly intriguing and very entertaining, the archaeologists of The National Monuments Service of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht have not been contacted and have no intention of investigating the ‘find.’”

The Irish media don’t know what way to turn or who to believe, conspiracy theorists began to throw all kinds of allegations at the Irish Government and the public were beginning to get frustrated at the lack of information provided by the relevant authorities.

Then in another twist to the tale, the missing tomb then reappeared on Dollymount Strand in Dublin having apparently washed up on the beach. The piece was discovered by Oliver Andrew who was out jogging on the popular beach…… Mysterious isn’t it?